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Meet the Office Administrator

Tabatha Knight
Office Administrator, Registered Reiki Teacher Master

Tabitha KnightTabatha’s primary role at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic is that of the Office Administrator. She is the first and last face you see at the clinic, always greeting you with warmth and sending you off much the same way. Her duty in this role is to stay connected with patients to help keep them on track with their care, ultimately allowing them to achieve their desired result, higher health and wellness. She will often touch base with you via phone, text, or email to check in and be sure we are responsive to your needs. She also takes care of all the behind the scenes tasks to insure your time with Doctor is focused on your care. Tabatha comes from a customer service and human resource background, but left the corporate world to pursue her true passion – helping people live better lives.

Reiki Teacher

In addition to being the office administrator, Tabatha doubles in her role at the office as an energy worker. She is a Registered Certified Reiki Teacher-Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Life Coach. Using her gift of intuitive wisdom she assists those seeking personal, career and spiritual growth. She offers Reiki, Reiki Certifications and Training, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching. Tabatha holds space for her clients and students, guiding them to better understand themselves on a deeper level working to identify the root cause of her clients needs. Through integrating her knowledge and experience, Tabatha helps her clients and students shift into a higher; more balanced state of being.

To find out more about Tabatha, you can check out her website at www.sundayvibes.ca

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