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Meet the Team at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic

group photo of our teamOur mission at Beyond Wellness Chiropractic is to create healthier individuals and families. We partner with our patients to balance their nervous system allowing the body to heal itself, restore function, and perform at its optimal level. We utilize state-of-the-art chiropractic care formed from a variety of different styles and techniques in order to work with any given individual.

We aim to inspire patients with an alternative vitalistic approach to health and provide effective support to help them make positive lifestyle choices, centered around what we call the “health equation” and the four pillars of health:

  • Quality Nutrition
  • Optimal Movement
  • Personal Power
  • Balanced Body

Dr. Raphael photo

Dr. Raphael

Dr. Raphael has been in practice for over a decade and has a focus on family wellness with special training in working with infants & pregnant women. He works with people of all ages from infants to the elderly in addition to a strong understanding of biomechanics and an athletic background involving hockey, football, wrestling through high school before switching to track and field in university. He continues to stay active with functional training, weight training, yoga, burst work, high intensity training, metabolic conditioning, and mobility work.

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Daljit Dhanjal

Daljit Dhanjal
Office Assistant

With a background in customer service and social services, I’ve truly learned the value of holistic healing, compassion, and empathy.

Helping people improve their mind, body and soul connection is always at the root of what I do. In late 2020, I began my career in Real Estate with a desire to do more, and help others build a strong foundation to create more goodness in their lives and do so from a place of balance, groundedness, and financial and physical stability.

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In late 2021, I joined the Beyond Wellness Chiropractic team, after having discovered the benefits that chiropractic had on my life.

The chiropractic lifestyle inspires you to play an active role in your wellness journey; facilitating healing, and promoting balanced systems, optimal movement and quality nutrition. When we take a proactive approach towards our health, the body naturally begins to follow suit and heal itself.

Debra Kalverda

Debra Kalverda
Office Assistant

Holistic health has become my passion. During my own health journey, I decided to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. On my journey to a better lifestyle, I have learned and discovered so much valuable information. I have applied this new knowledge to myself, and my family’s life and we are benefitting tremendously. The changes are truly life changing!

I am excited to be a part of Beyond Wellness Chiropractic to help others achieve optimum health. My main role is to help keep our patients on track with their care and help make their experience a positive and life-changing one. Adding chiropractic to my life has been so beneficial. It is so important to support your body from the inside out. I aim to be more aligned physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a beautiful team here at BWC!

Mona Kaur

Mona Kaur
Office Assistant

Mona has a background in Health Sciences and has always been passionate about health and wellness. She transitioned over to Beyond Wellness from having worked at another chiropractic clinic where she was able to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in addition to a true passion for chiropractic.

Mona enjoys the ability to educate people on what Chiropractic is and how it helps the body heal and improve overall function naturally versus with the use of drugs and surgery.

The thing that she loves most about chiropractic is that it plays a huge factor on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Mona is a huge advocate for the natural route of healing the mind, body, and soul.

She looks forward to being a part of your wellness journey at BWC.

Tabatha photo

Tabatha Pama
Registered Reiki Teacher Master, Yoga Instructor

Tabatha joined Beyond Wellness in 2018 in the role of an office administrator. She has since resigned from her behind the desk duties to focus on her passion, raising your vibration!

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Reiki Teacher

Tabatha doubles in her role at the office as an energy worker and yoga instructor. She is a Registered Certified Reiki Teacher-Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Life Coach.Using her gift of intuitive wisdom she assists those seeking personal, career and spiritual growth. She offers Reiki, Reiki Certifications and Training, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching. Tabatha holds space for her clients and students, guiding them to better understand themselves on a deeper level working to identify the root cause of her clients needs. Through integrating her knowledge and experience, Tabatha helps her clients and students shift into a higher; more balanced state of being.

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